by Slyvia Wynter

Rethinking Origins/Knowledges/The Achievement Gap: Black Education After 'Man'"— Sylvia Wynter in coversation with Asa G. Hilliard III and Edmund O. Gordon

Towards the Sociogenic Principle: Fanon, The Puzzle of Conscious Experience, of "Identity" and What It's Like to be "Black"

Topic/Quotes For Discussion

The "Achievement Gap", Woodson's "Miseducation" and The Ethno-Class Centricity of "Man": Towards a Humanism "Made to the Measure of the World."


by Asa G. Hilliard III

The State of African Education

Annette Henry

Sara Garcia

Adelaide Sanford

Frank Bonilla

Kassie Freeman











l. to r. Dr. Joyce King and
Regent Adelaide Sanford reflecting at
Ibo Landing