Through online conferencing with instructors and other participants, web-based research and assignments graduate students will critically examine epistemological alternatives to mainstream research and experience culturally nurturing teaching and research paradigm perspectives. They will also develop critical research and writing skills in the context of re-thinking disciplinary assumptions.

The OnLine Institute participants will make presentations at the Commission's Professional Development and Training mini-course at the AERA annual meeting Friday, April 28th, 2000. The title of the mini-course is "We Must Learn To Sit Down Together (OnLine) and Talk About a Little Culture: A Web-Based Training Institute" (PD&T Course “J”).

Co-Directors/Instructors: Joyce King and Annette Henry. Online faculty mentors: Cirecie West-Olatunji, Linda C. Tillman, Sharon Parker, Kassie Freeman, Carol D. Lee, William Watkins, Michele Foster, Mwalimu J. Shujaa, Shuaib J. Meacham, Nah Dove, Etta R. Hollins, William Franklin. Graduate Student Participants/Evaluators, Heidi Lovett and Jean Ishibashi.

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